22 jet

I assumed this 22 Remington functional dummy is a 22 Rem Jet but what does the CFM represent?IMG_0237

Wasn’t the .22 Jet called by some manufacturers “Center Fire Magnum”?

I believe the original Remington name was 22 Remington Center Fire Magnum, later changed to 22 Remington “Jet” Magnum, and even later to just 22 Remington Jet.
But that might not be the actual lineage…

The 1st headstamps / generation of the Jet were “PETERS 357 MAGNUM”

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That’s the one & also known with a full GM-jacketed hollow point bullet.

Thank you, I now have all three types.

Variants headstamped “CFM” also have a different case type than the final “Jet Magnum” version. Even though it is hardly noticeable, they have a tapered body that results in a smaller shoulder diameter (.353-.355’’ vs .361-.363’’). This change was made to avoid sticky cases.