.22 jgr

Anyone know of a Dominion headstamped .22 JGR rimless cartridge or two for sale or trade?

Also, does anyone know what case the .22 JGR was based on? It appears that a .22 Hornet case would work, but I have not seen anything in print that addresses this.

This cartridge was covered extensively in Jan. & feb 2006 on this forum.

I missed it, I guess. Do we have access to the old forum archives? Since you are aware of the earlier coverage, perhaps you could answer my question regarding the cartridge case that was used.

The only lot turned out by Dominion was from 22 Hornet brass,& stamped Dominion.The original design was turned on a lathe from 25-20 brass,no HS.

I tried to find the original post but could only go back 1 year.

Thanks, Dick. JGR gunsport was hand making cases in 1961, according to their price list. I assume these cases were also made from Hornet cases. The Hornet case just needs the rim turned down, and then to be necked to take the .223 bullet and cut to length. I suppose it would be a fairly simple operation once you were set up to do it.