.22 long Dz

It must be so simple to someone who know the .22 field that I am not even going to attach a photo. It is a .22 long rifle with a large “D” and a small “z” inside of that “D”. What is “Dz”? Also, I have a .22 long without any headstamp whatsoever. What does that mean?

Made by Industrias Technos S.A. de C.V., Mexico, for the Soverign Tiger-Cat brand of .22 ammunition distributed by Southern Gun Distributors of Florida, circa 1980. Reference: “The .22” Rimfire Cartridge, a Headstamp & Identification Guide," by Barry W. Gracia of New Zealand.

I don’t know why a headstamp like this was chosen. I don’t know of any relationship of the letter “Z” to the name. Before renaming to Industrias Tecnos, this firm was called Cartuchos Deprotivos de Mexico, so there was at least a “D” in the old name, but I doubt the “D” on the headstmap relates to that.

Maybe someone can tell us the significance of a cartridge from this firm being marked with initials we are more used to seeing on Polish 7.9 x 57mm cartridges!

Vlad–Concerning the .22 Long without any headstamp, lots of .22’s were made by the major companies without headstamps. They were for contracts for mostly large department stores such as Sears, Robuck & Co., and Montgomery Wards, etc.

Thanks to one of the truly great gentlemen in our hobby, Otto Witt, I can now report that the “DZ” on the headstamp of the Industrias Technos-made .22 LR cartridge stands for D. Zook, a buyer for Southern Guns. Evidently some Sovereign-brand .22’s are just headstamp “Z” but that also stands for Mr. Zook.

Thank you Otto!

John Moss

Thanks again, I’ve changed my mind about posting a scan. Are these “Dz” uncommon?

The story is that Southern Gun Distributors of Opa-Locka, Florida in 1985 order a large quantity of .22 LR. H.V.; .22 L.R. H.V.; H.P., .22 L.R. Standard Velocity and .22 Shorts. Southern Gun sent the art work for the boxes to Mexico. The buyer for Southern Gun was D. Zook. He received a call from Mexico and was told with an order of this size they could have their own headstamp. What headstamp did they want? Zook asked what was a headstamp. He was told letters. Not knowing anything else he supplied his initals “DZ”. This story told to me by Mr. Zook himself.

Here is a scan of the box the “DZ” headstamped .22’s came in.

I’m posting this mostly for Jason (APSDS). I know this tiger is not the “Bengal” variety but is actually a Jaguar, which is called a “Tiger-Cat” in Mexico and South America.