22 long rifle penatrator


I was wondering if any company either past or present built a penatrator round for a 22 long rifle cartridge. I know and have some WWII fmj ammo but was wondering if any company built a load and bullet strickly built for maximun penatration.


A french company (Senix in south of France, in Mouans Sartoux on the FRench Riviera, and managed by a guy called Guyot) speciallized in funny ammo (shotshells with round plastic ball containing colored liquid to mark demonstarators, aso) made at the beginning of the 80’s some 22 with an aluminium insert (coming from a Prometheus air rifle projectile)
The name of the ctges was High-Perf

At the beginning they used 22 Stinger and were selling the ctges in the stinger blue plastic boxes changing only the label (red letters on silver paper).
They started to have problems with the company making the stinger ctges, therefore they changed and use Fiocchi ctges.
They made then their own paper boxes (red letters on white paper )

Being broke they closed in the middle of the eigties.

I still must have somewhere some of their boxes because I bought all their staff when they closed.

I am not at home but when I come back if you are interested I can make pictures

They used to manufacturealso (only as trials) also, based on the same design, other caliber ctges: 9 para, 38 special, 32 acp, even 223.
Warning : 99.9 % of the ctges you can find in these calibers are fake



Here is a picture of an specimen made from a .22 Long Rifle Stinger:


I had a series of .22s which were made by a Mexican company some years back under a secret contract for covert government operatives. These were designed to penetrate heavy clothing and bullet proof vests and to carry a toxin. One type had a sliver of DU in the projectile. These were designed to be fired at close range from silenced weapons. The story I got with the lot was that at least one type had been used to kill an important crime or political figure. With the toxins available only a scratch would be necessary to be fatal. I have photos and will post them next time they turn up.


Here’s more pics of the Senix stuff, and also pics of the KTW .22 Pokey (maybe 100 of those made?) and also a pic of a rare .22 winmag THV:


I’ve never heared about depleted uranium (DU) use in such a small calibers!! I doubt it was able to realize its potential and properties as a penetrator in such quanitities (.22 LR pojectile) and muzzle velocities. Am I right? It will be great to see some pictures about!


And of course there were FMJ .22LR made around the time of Vietnam, covered in another thread on here.