22 long rifle standard velocity


Hello everyone, I have a question I have been unable to get an answer to. The high speed 22 long rifles have a SAMMI pressure of 24,000 psi. I have been unable to determine the pressure of standard velocity ammunition. Is new standard velocity ammunition loaded to the same pressure as ammo loaded before high speed ammunition was produced?


Most LR HV loads use lighter bullets but that alone would not account for the increase in velocity up to 1600fps The “ear test” indicates to me a higher pressure is being used as well. Also things like extraction and case deformation would indicate a higher pressure. Loads like Stingers are decidely hot and broke the firing pin on my .22 pistol years ago. The firing pin indent was pushed right out.

The figure of 16-18000psi is kicking around in my head but I don’t know where that came from. Anyway, this post will nudge the topic back up to the top of the queue and maybe somebody else can pick it up and run with it.


Thanks Vince, the reason for asking is I have a few older firearms not able to digest the 24,000 psi of modern ammo. Though I have been shooting standard velocity ammo through them Im not sure if modern standard velocity ammo is loaded to same pressures as older ammunition these guns were intended to use. In my youth I broke the bolt on two early Marlin 39’s before I figured out the reason. I dont want to repeat these hard lessons.


The .22 HV loads appeal to a core of plinkers in the marketplace and obviously keep sales up but accuracy is often poor and the bullets are being driven at beyond the optimum. To the tin can shooters this matters not a jot.

There are two areas of .22 shooting where accuracy matters a lot. In Britain there is a large , but diminishing group, of serious target shooters who use Eley, RWS and Lapua exclusively at international level. Their ammuntion is all standard velocity. Rem T22 was a popular trainer load up until a few years back but exchange rates have killed that off.

The serious rabbit shooters all favour the subsonics saying it gives them best accuracy and reliability. I would suggest you try something more in line with these loads and see how you get on with them in your older firearms. They don’t have the “whizz-bang” appeal of the high velocity loads but they are more in keeping with what the guns were designed to take.

Even the budget Walmart type standard loads ( Which I think are Aguila) should perform better. We don’t have the equvilent of Walmart ammunition in this country because they are not allowed to sell ammunition but we do shoot a lot of .22s because of the licensing system.


Vince - T22 was a Winchester brand, not Remington. I have shot tens of thousands of rounds of it when I was bullseye pistol shooting. It was almost as accurate in my High Standard Citation as Eley. However, while o.k. for practice, it didn’t shoot all that well in my Model 52 Winchester target rifle, and I used only R50 in that rifle. Eley didn’t shoot well in it either. Of course, all guns are different. I had a go with a Haemmerli Free Pistol for awhile, and Eley did great in it. Gave it up because as I got better with the Free Pistol, my scores with my other regular NRA type pistols, .45 and .22, went down in almost exactly the same ratio. I think you have to live and breath those Free Pistols, and nothing else, if you ever want to get really good with one.

John Moss


Yes John. sorry a slip of the finger.