22 Long

22 Long , hstp U, brand name is Palma.

Is it common ?
Do you know this name ?

JP, Remington Palma .22 Long Rifle was a target cartridge. It was introduced in 1921. Some of the early boxes were regular 22 Long Rifle boxes overlabeled with a PALMA label. Early boxes with a complete PALMA label were gold color. Then Red labels were used and marked Palma Match, after this the common “Dog Bone” labeled boxes. The early ammo was in copper cases. When High Speed Palma was introduced it used used brass cases. The first HighSpeed boxes were white with a red “Dog Bone” and green printing. From 1934 to 1937 there was another target cartridge called High Speed Indoor Target Sharp Shoulder that used a wadcutter bullet.


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here is a drawing if somebody is interested