.22 LR aluminum case?


A recent thread got me to thinking if there ever were aluminum cased .22 LR cartridges. Not the blanks mentioned in the other thread, but actual projectile loaded aluminum cases… With the popularity of aluminum cased pistol cartridges (CCI Blazer), I always wonderd why none in .22 LR seem to have been made. Is it that aluminum is just not suited to the rimfire case forming operations?

With the .22 LR being one of the most produced cartridges ever, it seems as if 99.9% of them are brass cased.



Most of the major ammunition manufacturer’s that manufactured .22’s experimented with aluminum cases. Remington, Winchester, CCI, Peter’s, and probably most of the European Manufacturer’s experimented with Aluminum. With the exception of 22/6mm starters pistol blanks, they have not been commerically produced in .22’s. When you can find an example by any of the above, they are usually (but not alway) expensive. I don’t know why they were not produced commercially, but it probably had something to do with manufacturing issues surrounding working with aluminum on such a small cartridge.



I would swear I’ve shot a few boxes of CCI Blazer .22LR with aluminum cases.