22 LR cartridge with rubber bullet?

Has someone knowledge of a rubber bt in 22 lr?
Tears ago saw it listed in an European catalog,contacted an official of the company and he claims they never made it.How come ?

Thanks in advance for your input.-

Eric, you probably saw a rubber bullet load made by SK in Germany. It was marketed in the early 90’s.

Never saw a sample only a listing in a Fiocchi catalog…so…


Here’s an SK 22LR loaded with a rubber ball. (sorry not the best photo)

sk rubber ball hs


Do you have a copy of the Fiocchi catalog?

Sorry Fede,don´t have the catalog at present,probably it was stolen from me or not returned from a borrower…one thing I am sure of is it was listed in a Fiocchi catalog and only can hope someone with a complete file will find it and chime in here.