22 LR manufactured by Fiocchi

Dear Sirs,

please, excuse me for the odd question but is there someone who can tell me which headstam(s) was (… or were) used by Fiocchi for its 22LR ammo line until 1968/70?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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P.S.: help and pics very appreciated!

Andrea–Here are the headstamps used by Fiocchi for the time period you asked about.


thank you very much!

…these sheets are really useful to me!

…is it possible to know how old are these sheets?..for example I read the period “ca. early 1900’s to present” in the middle sheet… is it possible to know the last year they refer?

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Andrea–These sheets are from the “Rimfire Headstamp Guide” published by George Kass and myself in the 1985-1988 period.

more recent MAXAC boxes are quite different.

I am sure that Andrea has already seen them.

This box contained copper washed bullet ammo.

Pivi–Andrea’s question was about the headstamps up to the 1970’s, not the boxes or the current production. I might also point out that the boxes shown in the Rimfire Headstamp Guide are just TYPICAL boxes containing that headstamp. There are many other box designs for each of the headstamps besides the one shown.