.22 LR steel case?


Similar to my question about aluminum cased .22 LR, was there ever much steel cased .22 LR produced? I only know of some Russian lacquered steel cased .22 LR that came into the US a few years back.

Any others? Copper plated or clad steel cases?



Remington produced some 22 LR steel cased ammunition about WW2…Index No. R17L…they were copper clad…I used to have a couple of full boxes…



Here’s some of the Russian stuff. Oily cases required rolling in a rag before use. Not of the highest quality.


Yes, these are some of the ones I’ve seen. Also have seen some that came in the standard sized “spam can” and appeared to be more like a military issue item. Anectodtal reports suggest this ammunition was hit-or-miss in the reliability department…



Several companies look at steel cases in the past. I have a 22 short by CCI, 22 long and long rifle by Federal (Zn and Cu washed), 22 LR by RWS, A cu washed 22 LR with an unidentified “G” headstamp (Gevelot?) and several different unheadstamped LR’s (Russian). I’m sure there’s more both commercial and experimental.




These came out of a spam can. If memory serves, 5000(case) for $99. A deal at the time. Except for the quality issue. Reason I still have a brick + a few boxes from the “other” brick. Too messy, as well. Might be that some of the oil used for rust prevention seeped into the hull, effecting the charge and/or primer, resulting in poor performance. On the upside, the hulls haven’t rusted.


A box from 1938 used by the German army.


And a box from 1943.



What are the headstamps of the cartridges in the '43 & '38 boxes? Are the cases copper washed?




What are the headstamps of the cartridges in the '43 & '38 boxes? Are the cases copper washed?


Jep, CWS



OK Rick, I’ll bite, what are those chargers (stripper clips) with what looks like 7.62x51mm cartridges. Do the clips and cartridges belong together, what is the cartridge headstamp and are the clips marked?



Gravelbelly - Let’s see if I am right. Those clips look like 7.92 x 57 mm Mauser clips. You could find the same combination in my shooting stuff because the only 7.62 x 51 (.308) rifle I have left is a Czech VZ 24 Mauser converted from 7.92 x 57 to 7.62 x 51 in Israel, and it is a shooter for me. I have a bunch of Mausers because I like them, but I don’t collect them. I think Israel made some strippers with both calibers marked on them. I don’t recall, but sure I had something like that in my collection of Mauser strippers when I had it. I remember those being steel, though, but could be wrong.

John Moss



7.62 X 51 h/s - LC 65
non-magnetic, unmarked stripper clip

Don’t recall how they came to be in my stuff. Am guessing they were in a bandoleer. Used to shoot up a lot of this stuff. My guess is this was for the M14.



That clip/charger looks identical to the ones my 1930’s and 1940’s Turkish 7,9 Mauser ammunition came packed in. I found them to be of poor quality and insubstantial in use. They all went into the brass scrap bucket and the ammunition was repacked into better quality 2-piece Turk and Yugo clips/chargers…



I think AKMS is right about the Turkish 7.9 connection. I have a couple of bandoleers with them and these exact same clips. Can’t explain the LC65s being in them.