.22 Nato - any info on it?

I found a list that has the details for a .22 Nato cartridge with the following specs:
.22 Nato Rifle Standard Rimless, Bottlenecked, Bullet dia: 0.224; Case Length: 2.033; Rim diameter: 0.47 Large Rifle Primer
I can’t find any other info about it. Is this a Wildcat? Was it an experimental military cartridge? A .22 caliber with a large rifle primer is unusual.

Joel, there was also an .18, a .25 and a .27 NATO in the tests

Pardon my ignorance:
Pete - would these be the same rounds as what I have marked down as .18, .22, .25 and .27 Homologous?

I have the .25 and .27 in my collection (hs “WCC 53” on both).


So are these all based on the .30-06 case necked down?

Or are they all based on the .308 (7.62x51 Nato)? Any idea who did the original ones- a wildcatter or was it a government project?

Ole yes the boxes are marked homologous, but the cartridges proper name was ie: Cal. .22 Simplex. And they were part of Project SALVO. Both the Cal. .30 Service case (.30-06) and the Cal. .30 Light Rifle were used. The .18 is uncommon and the .22, .25 & .30 are also known with multiple bullet loads.

Joel the the .308 was a Winchester development, and the .Cal. .30 Light Rifle (47mm CL) was a government development with the first Govt. cases being made using modified .300 Savage brass.

For more see HWS Vol III which is for sale from Mel Carpenter.

Thank you Pete.