.22 nato

I recently pulled down a .22 NATO, headstamp “W C C 5 3”. Every thing I have seen published about this round gives a bullet weight of 68 gr. However, upon weighing this bullet it is only 53.6 gr. Any body have a box showing this bullet weight?


I think we’ve discussed this before??

The 68 grain Sierra bullet is the M1 Homolouge and the 54 grain is the M2 Homolouge.

I don’t know about boxes except that the M1 Homos have the weight on the box and the only box of M2 that I have says only “Cal 22”.

The Project Salvo display board by Olin shows the 54 gr M2 Homo.

While the cartridges are commonly called “22 NATO” that’s technically incorrect. They are Cal 22 For Light Rifle, 7.62 MM Case.


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You are right, there is a lot of confusion surrounding these cartridges and much of it comes from the various names that collectors apply to them. I think we’d all be better served to call them “Project Salvo” cartridges and then more specifically by case, caliber, and bullet type and weight.

(Of course, this doesn’t begin to address all of those pre, post, and non SALVO experimental cartridges.)

I do have a particular dislike for the “NATO” designation since many of these cartridges preceeded the adoption of the 7.62x51 NATO by several years.

But, I suppose that if we are talking about the same cartridge, the moniker that we use is of secondary importance.

I’m not sure how else to address this problem.