.22 "Red Wad - Heavy Load" ID

Does anybody happen to know who made these .22 labeled “Red Wad”?
How do the headstamps look like?


I don’t know who made them But I seem to recall using this same box of blanks for a retriever training dummy launcher. I think the name was Retriever - R -Trainer, The red wad charge would launch the dummy about 200 feet. The case had a crimp/cannelure perhaps .1" below the case mouth and a rolled crimp on the case mouth to hold the wad in place. Sorry can’t remember the headstamp. Might be something Pepper might have knowledge of.
Not much help.

Sportclay, thanks a lot! That is good info already. Maybe someone else can shed more light on this?

Alex, these are loads for the “Drive-It” nail driver made by the Powder Power Tool Corp. of Portland, Oregon, but I don’t know who made these particular cartridges. Regards, Fede.

The Powder Tool Corp. had a few issues in the courtroom in their days… Here is one court case regarding patent infringement…


Guys, thanks a again!!!