22 Remington Jet

I have 22 Remington Jet, but I do not know what to use. Does anyone have any idea? Drill ?

Yes it looks to be a factory dummy. Dill is more of a British term.

Here are two 22 Rem. Center Fire Magnum dummy boxes (called CFM, before being called the Jet) and a .22 Remington Jet dummy box.
The CFM boxes are empty but the Jet has some dummies in it which are the same as you show but are not blackened. However note the “brass cases” (on all three) noting the cases are not blackened as your is.


I am the last to know but were these blackened cases not used on all those “salesman dummies”?

A “salesman’s dummy”, would be a round he would show that appeared to look like something the merchant would actually be buying, so nice shiny brass, but inert.

Often sales dummies were even polished and then lacquered so as to not tarnish with handling.

Blacked case examples were for function testing or or other uses of that nature.

Pete, again I am the last to state on but I remember these blackened ones here in the forum were referred to as “salesman dummies” by US collectors - I am just like a parrot in this.
I happen to have one which is a 9x17 “exploder” (open tip with a primer) also made in this very way. Sure not used for gun function tests or so.

Also this is not meant to be backtalk or so.
Or I simply got something very wrong all the years - what also is a possibility.

I have blackened rounds the same as Luger in calibers 7mm Rem Mag, 308, 30-06, 243 and 22LR. Th .22 box is Winchester Western Olin and is clearly marked “Action proving dummy cartridges”. This is the use the place I was working in used them for.

SAAMI: Product Codes and Supplier Information-Product Codes for the following: Reference Ammunition, Proof Load Ammunition, Action Proving Dummy Rounds


When you open the link above-

Hi Alex
I would think that from wherever this term for these rounds was used it was probably either a “slip of the tongue” or a simple mistake. Something we all do.

Your “exploder” sounds as if it is what might be considered an product from an after-market or specialized but legal maker. I think they may or may not? be allowed to make / sell this with this ID & the appropriately marked packaging. I don’t know this with 100% certainty but here in the US this sort of thing is often seen at gun shows.

In one of my early sales I called a non-factory / non-arsenal holed cartridge a dummy. I was promptly told by Bill Woodin that this round was inerted, not a dummy. A ‘true’ dummy being an original factory / arsenal product.

So I’ve since made an effort to use the correct term. Porditto and Brian note the factory & SAAMI correct name for this Jet example. My point of the use by sales persons is also valid. Not too long ago there was a RWS sample set advertised for sale on the buy, sell. trade forum. The shells & rounds were all nicely polished & had been inerted.

A problem with blackened cases is that for awhile some commercial US factories used a blacked case to note proof, or HPT rounds this way. Then, & I think in the 1920’s, SAAMI reserved this effect for dummies & Proof were tinned with red base & bullet coloring. All very confusing & dangerous for both the casual collector & gunsmith!

Overkill I know, but for others, below are two .30-06 with Core-Lok bullet and the same headstamp by Remington. The blackened case has a hole lower mid-case while the polished and lacquered has no case hole. As an aside the polished and lacquered case with this bullet does come in several other variations of holes & hole placement, and the blackened case also has variations.
Hope this is of help.
DSCN4249 DSCN4248

Pete, good to know.
And yes, it appears confusing here and there.

I have a full box, plus a few dozen rounds of those Winchesters in 9mm, same weight as a loaded round, but without a primer or flash hole, blackened case.

What an interesting box! Thank you for sharing!

It would be strange that there would be any need for an action proving dummy cartridge for the .22 Jet. So far as I know, the only gun made for it was the S&W Model 53, a revolver.

Actually, Thompson Center made the 10" Octagon barrel, and other barrels, chambered in .22 Jet, I have one with a full vintage box of ammo marked ‘22 Remington “Jet” Mag’.

I have seen a few bolt action rifles chambered in .22 Jet, but cannot swear they were factory chamberings.
I have a vague memory of talk of the military M4 [M6 Aircrew?] Survival rifle/shotgun or the Armalite AR5/MA1 [mid 1950s’] being chambered in .22 Jet to give it a bit more power than the .22 Hornet, though it never went anywhere.

Suspect those .22 Jet rounds were simply made up for show/demo, not for any military application, unless it was possibly SOCOM/SpecOps related, but why? Too fast to silence.

The marlin mod 62 was chambered for the 256 Win. and a only a very small, less than 6 I was told, were chambered in .22 Jet . 357 Mag. was also an experimental.

Remington & others made function or action proving, what ever the name dummies for in house use and for commercial gun smiths to safely use when repairing or actioning firearms. Here are two, .250-3000 Savage boxes.

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Way cool, very neat!
I have, and have seen, “dummy” cartridges, and boxes, but never one that had the ‘stamp of explanation’ on them!