22 RF blank

Here is a very interesting 22 RF blank ctge.

JP–That is an interesting .22 Blank with the undercut at the head. Do you have a date or company for the drawing? I would say it is a Tool Gun or Cattle Killer blank.

Hi Ron,

  1. It is coming from a SFM drawing dated 1904.
    It is a sample picked up by a rep in 1901, therefore is it not manufactured by SFM.
    No hstp on the drawing, only what I showed.

  2. Tool gun I don’t think, because I doubt they were existing in these times (but I know nothing about tool gun !).
    Cattle Killer perhaps.

  3. It is the first time I see an undercut like that on a 22 (but it is not my field)


JP–I agree that is most likely too early for a Tool Gun cartridge. I think they only started in the 1940’s or maybe a little earlier. Perhaps the undercut, which I have never seen before, was for some type of wire clip.