22 RF - ID & Info


Hi all

I need to ID these 22 RF (manufacturer/year/any other information)

the unit #3 looks a dummy unit (machined case)

Also, any info about this other dummy unit (headstamp “A” from Águila/ Mexico). In this case I need to know what is the caliper.

I will appreciate for any help


Hard to see the one on the extreme left & it looks like it has a Boxer primer pocket so it’s not a rimfire plus the rim looks too thin for a rimfire. The one in the middle is by Kings Norton (British).

You other photo, how about some measurements if we are to tell you the caliber.


Hi Daniel,

You better ask José Luis Rubio about the machined dummy with his initials; he may have an interesting story about who made it for him and for what purpose.




Thanks PetedeCoux and Fede

I was able to take “better” pictures of the headstamp and with the information from PetedeCoux no I know both are from Kings Norton.

JLR could stand for Jose Luis Rubio, it makes a lot of sense because this unit comes from his collection. Unfortunately he passed away early this year so it will be hard to get some information on this aluminuin “custome made” unit.

Regarding the other .22 that I want to ID, this is a picture with a 22LR

Any information on this unit?



Is that last one JLR? Can you post or send me a better pic of that one? Any info on it?


I agree JLR may have been made for Jose. JLR could also be for JLR Enterprises of Lockport, Illinois, as they do make replica (non functioning firearms). Maybe also ammo to go with them?


Hi Curtis

Now that we know there is a high possibility that this unit was made for Rubio I will contact few collectors that were friends of Rubio in case they have any info.

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Hi Daniel.
Is there any headstamp on the dummy with the pointed copper(?) bullet? Also, is the case brass or brass washed steel?


Hi Will

the case is brass and the bullet copper. This is the headstamp

Any information will be appreciated

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OK Daniel. Lets get a little technical here. The bullet looks to be a military bullet of some sort. However, I don’t know that area so I will leave it to others with more knowledge in that area. Is that a tight roll crimp at the case mouth? It is hard to tell in the photo. This could be something Aguila was playing with or it could be something that someone has made up. I do have several .22’s with full metal jackets. The majority of them are experimentals. However, I have seen many fakes over the years. What is the exact diameter of the FMJ?



Daniel, I didn’t know about José, sorry to hear that.

Regarding the rimfire case with FMJ bullet, I wonder if it could be the .223 Rimfire announced by Centurion Ordnance/Industrias Tecnos early in 2001. I have never seen an example and the only information I have is that it was described as a subsonic load with 43 gr bullet. Can you check the total weight of your example?




Thanks Fede for the information

The unit weight is 54,6gr. (Total= case+bullet)

Do you think it is a experimental unit?