.22 rimfire box

I don’t collect .22 rimfire box’s but have got these in a trade, I wondered before I chuck them in the bin* are there any worth keeping.

Seriously though are there any that are uncommon ? they are all empty.

  • only joking ;-)

Actually, if the military boxes in the middle are valuable I think I would rather not know because I have thrown loads away in my time.

The second from top on the left has a date apparantly written on it 14/3/66 in the British style DD/MM/YY. but I think the box is older than that. I was buying Eley Rifle Club around 65-66 and the boxes weren’t like that as far as I remember. There should be a date code printed somewhere inside the box if you can decipher it.

I am curious about the “emergency issue” box bottom right. Does anyone know what the emergency was?

I would say they would be very interesting to the right collector even if you are unlikely to retire on the proceeds. Nice collection of big game cartridges as well.

The “Emergency Issue” box is British WW2 issue to farmers for vermin control. Ammunition generally was difficult for civilians to buy during the war without a good cause.


Hi Armourer

I do collect 22 packets and i would say for most of them they are collectable and I regularly chase such items from the UK and US markets. The remington and winchester boxes are common as.

Hi Armourer

The miltary boxes though not rare do still get traded and as mentioned most have been thrown away.

I was getting around to make you an offer then I saw you were giving them away, maybe next time

They’ve gone to an IAA & ECRA member. If I get anymore I’ll bear you in mind and they’ll be freebies again.

Thanks Armourer

A year into IAA and still getting a handle on posting, happy collecting hope to hear from you in the future