.22 rimfire headstamps

I’m part of a group that did some archaeology on a remote pacific island. We have some .22 cal LR cartridges, some headstamped P and some U. Does anyone know when Remington used these headstamps? A starting year and ending year would be helpful, as we are trying to date the site.

Union Metallic Ctg Co and later Remington used the U headstamp from the middle 1880s until after 1960. Can’t be terribly specific about Peters’ P, but probably beginning of the 20th century until the 1950s. Don’t know what sort of investigation you’re willing to attempt, but materials the cases are made from is likely a better diagnostic aspect. Cases made before World War Two are probably of copper, whereas those produced afterwards brass. Tarnish and corrosion will make such determination downright trying. JG


I used to do a little metal detecting myself. You probably already know this, but just a word of caution. Dating a site by the age of relics has to consider that the relic may be a lot different in age than when it was used and discarded at the site.


ormsby, as to the P headstamp. Thin P with a bottom serf vertical leg at a slight angle, copper case. 1890 to late 1950’s
Thin P with serf on bottom vertical, elongated top of P, copper or brass case. 1895 to 1930
Thick P copper or brass case, 1938 to 1959.