22 rimfire ID's and worth?

Hello, as a former member of this association who has written for this group before I sold my collection, I could use the members help in identifying some 22 rimfire ammunition I have as to its value. mostmof it was purchased in the 1970-80’s and the boxes appear to be pretty decent shape and i note Western and Super x target ammo amongst the boxes. Obviously I could sell it all to some shooter, but if there would be value in certain limited , and sought, 22 rf ammo, I would be foolish to sell it just so it could be shot up! Thank you in advance for any help you could give me in this matter.


The place to ask would be the 22 box collectors, & saying you have Western & Super-X is like saying I have a Ford & a Chevy. so photos would help.

Value to collectors would be greater than value to any serious shooter. Any accuracy inherent with a given load is probably no longer there. Accuracy starts to go after 15 years +/-.


Thanks for painting me in the right direction and also the specific advice of taking an image of this ammo to help others realize what I have.