.22 Rimfire IDs

  1. .22 LR, Brass case, swiss style cross HS

  2. .22 LR, Brass case, “Z” with curved top and bottm hs

  3. .22 LR, Brass case “V” hs

  4. .22 LR, Brass case, “W” hs

  5. .22 LR, Brass case, “J” inside “C” hs

  6. .22 LR, Brass case, small “u” or “n” hs

  7. .22 LR, Brass case rose-crimp blank, “AS” hs

  8. .22 LR, Brass case, Large “T” hs

  9. .22 LR, Brass case, “VL” hs

I would be grateful if anyone knows any of these.
Sorry I cannot post photos.


No Gaurentees,
1 Eidgenossische Munitionsfabrik,Thun Switzerland

2 ???

3 Vostoc brand, Soviet Russia

4 Could be Winchester repeating arms, "early mark "
Winchester Western, Olin Mathieson Corp, USA
Winchester, Olin dEV, aUSTRALIA.

5 ??? Have a GJ listed as French[no manufacturer ]

6 Soviet Russia, u is the Russian letter T the first in the word target

7 Suspected private brand for A.W.GAMAGE,London England, probably loaded byb Eley

8 Stirling brand, Squires Bingham, Phillipines. or Treisdorf Industrial blanks,DAG, Nuremburg

9 unsure, Valmet, lapua…???
Could be of some help, Terry.



It would help a lot if you would say what kind of cartridge the headstamp was on. Also, a more detailed description such as tall, skinny, broad, with or without serifs, etc.

#1 Agree with Terry

#2 is not a “Z”. It is “N” and was made by Fiochi on contract for FFV Norma AB, Sweden aprox. 1980.

#3 could be Vostoc but could also be Navy Arms. V was for Val Forgett, owner of Navy Arms.

#4 Agree with Terry

#5 Describe this one more fully

#6 Could be Russian Target brand, but could be several others. The Russian one has a square bottom on the “U”

#7 is Acceles & Shelvoke, Birmingham6, England on “Cash” brand industral blanks in .22 Long and .25 Long. for captive bolt animal killers for slaughter houses.

#8 Again, need a better description. Could be several others besides Squares Bingham.

#9 Are you sure this is “VL” or is it two letters hooked together as a monogram. I suspect it could be “VF” which is again, Navy Arms brand and VF was Val Forgett. These .22’s were made in Mexico for Val…


Here is a picture. I took a photo of drawings I did of the headstamps.

All except number 7 are empty cases of .22 LR bulleted rounds. number 7 is a .22 Long rose-crimp blank

I have found some other info on three of them. This is what I have found.

  1. Possibly Winchester
  2. Possibly ARMSCOR, Philipines
  3. Possibly Vhitavouri-Lapua, Finland


Falcon–As they say a picture is worth…Anyway, the drawing helps immensly.

#1-Swiss as Terry Id’ed

#2–AS I said, this is a “N” not a “Z” for Norma. I can send a picture of the box if you want it.

#3–Vostok Brand Russia


#5–I have never seen this one

#6–NOT RUSSIA, but do not know who. The Russian one is a larger square bottomed “U”, Acually a Cyrlic “ts”

#7–Acceles & Shelvoke, as I Id’ed before.

#8–First used on Stirling Brand, Late 1970’s for Squires Bingham, later Arms Corporation of the Philippines.

#9–I have not seen this one before.


Thanks. What Russian factory makes the Vostok brand ammo (#3)? I suppose #6 could be small n for norma, as the norma on their centrefire headstamps is in lower-case letters. #9 Is Vhitavouri-Lapua according to page 3 of the AFTE rimfire headstamp gallery http://www.afte.org/ExamResources/gallery2/v/Headstamp-Gallery/album01/?g2_page=3

No thanks for the picture of the Norma box, but you can post it if you want.

I know the Accles and Shelvoke “Cash” cattle killers. Are the rounds loaded by AS or another company such as Eley?


Falcon–I do not know what factory made the Russian "ts"
headstamped rounds.I would guess Tula, but that is just a guess. They date from about 1950 or so. The Vostok brand dates from mid 1970’s to at least the 1980’s, but I’m not sure what factory.

The small “n” may very well be a later Norma contract. The #2 one you have was the first .22’s marketed by Norma.

The box for the “AS” Cash Brand Cattle Killers says “Specially manufactured for Acceles & Shelvoke by Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, Metal Division, Witton, Birmingham 6, England” These were made Pre-WW-II to about mid 1970’s.


Thanks, I thought the AS blank would be loaded by Kynoch. I think they still sell those Cash captive bolt weapons, so I guess they must still make the blanks. Here is the Cash captive bolt pistol on the Accles and Shelvoke website. http://www.acclesandshelvoke.co.uk/cashspecial.htm