.22 Short cartridges' found with interesting head marks

hey yall, I need some help identifying these headstamps on some brass .22 short cartridges.
They were found on archaeological field school excavations in Fort Erie Ontario Canada, on a pre-war of 1812 site. They were not found in that early of a context so I imagine they’re 19th century ish or later.
One has a ‘D’ which I know with either a dot in the center or a circle around it signify Dominion standard bullets but this one is just plain so I was wondering if that means anything.
The second one has a ‘J’ which I cannot find anything on. I’ve contemplated the idea that its a ‘U’ with part eroded off put the end of the tail ever slightly curls in so it’s definitely a J.
If anyone knows anything and is willing to help me out I’d appreciate it!!

Pictures of the J headstamp would help.

Powdertin is right photo’s would help but I’ll bet F. Joyce as his J HS’s look a bit like a U

3 by F. Joyce of London England

Id say thats it yes thank you!!

Joyce’s’ 22 shorts were made by Dominion in either 1903 or 1905. I had an advert from Joyce that stated that but have not been able to find it again In my cluttered files.
Nice to see that they were actually used. Nice find.

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