22 Short Dummy or Proof?

Here is a CCI 22 Short. The base of the cartridge is painted red. I also have a 22 Long Rifle CCI with the same red headstamp. One story I heard is that they were early CCI dummy rounds. Another story said they were proof cartridges. Dummy or Proof?


I don’t ever recall seeing a 22 Short Proof cartridge. Do they even exist?



Normally red on the brass of the case indicates a proof cartridge, also most dummy rim-fire 22 cartridges (I have seen) have drilled cases.
Interesting Head-Stamp.

Have it in Short in both HP & solid looking like yours, Long: solid, & in LR: HP, & solid with copper-cladding & a plain lead solid. Have them as dummies.

Paul, I agree with Pete, CCI’s .22 Short, Long and Long Rifle with a red painted base are dummy cartridges and are found in boxes marked with a big “D”.



Thanks everyone, I’ll log them in as dummies. I guess I need to find a 22 long now.