.22 storage advice wanted


I just went through a pile box of .22, and encountered a large variety of headstamps and projectiles even within the same headstamp (surprise!!). So, it looks like another giant collecting field. So, how do those of you .22 collectors store and catalogue these things? My paper tags are twice a big as .22, the plastic suspention-type boxes have no space to put these tags in.


I bought the Sones collection of .22s. nearly 2,000 in 1 attache case- all kept in the 50 round plastic .22 boxes by type. He could take his entire collection to shows with him. A great way to keep them to my thinking.


My entire collection of singles is in a cabinet. Each cartridge has an double index number placed on it with a ultra fine Sharpie marker. One number is the assending number of the order in which it was obtained the second number is it’s location in the drawer. Each row has a alphabet assignment. My antique catalog is by 4X6 card with a form designed by myself many years ago. On the card is a location by drawer, row and cartridge number plus headstamp. Example 2-C-23. Cabinet is locked when not in use so grandchildren fingers do not move things around! Even an out of place cartridge can be returned to its proper spot in a few seconds.