.22 tcm

Could someone tell me what “TCM” stands for. Thanks. Bill

Tuason Craig Micromagnum.

There’s a thread which discusses it here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11785&hilit=TCM&start=0

Some more info from another site:

Looks can be deceiving, and the .22 TCM from the fertile mind of custom gunsmith Fred Craig and his collaboration with Armscor, is not what it appears — at all. While looking like a hi-cap 1911 (and it is in basic design), it’s in actuality a bottle-rocket shooting auto launching 40-grain, .22 bullets at upwards of 2,050 fps! Huh? What? No fooling, and perhaps best of all, it’s actually accurate, runs like a top, and if you drop in a fitted 9mm barrel and recoil spring, you have a fully functional hi-cap 9mm 1911. Damndest thing I ever saw.

Originally conceived by Fred as something unusual and fun, he initially marketed the design as a full, custom pistol from his shop, developing the cartridge and load data himself as he built market interest. You might have noticed the ads in Handgunner. Fred said, “I really sold a lot through those ads, and had been working with Armscor to make a production version for sale here in the states. The President of Armscor, Martin Tuason, was excited about the project, and together we launched the .22 TCM. That TCM stands for Tuason Craig Micromagnum, by the way.”

Tony hit it correctly. Tauson is the last name of the president of ARMSCOR. Who Craig got to manufcture the cartridge.

Thank you Tony and Gourd. Lots of information on it but this is the first time I have seen the origin of the name. Regards, Bill

In IAA issue 484, Mar./Apr. 2012 on page 35, Matt Collins had a very informative article about this cartridge.

Thanks for the info Pete, I’m actually doing some research about it. Sadly I’m not not a member since then.

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