.22 tear gas blanks


This label is at the bottom of a small round plastic box containing very short rose-crimped .22 blanks. What was their function?


hi sksvlad, chloroacetophenone is a lachrymator.


A lachrymator is an irritant that causes tearing (watering of the eyes).
“Real World” examples include onions, tear gas and pepper spray (capsaicin). Some typical lachrymating chemicals are thionyl chloride (SOCl2) and acrolein (CH2=CH-CHO).

The main uses for 2-chloroacetophenone are in tear gas and in chemical Mace. It is a potent eye, throat, and skin irritant.

(Definations taken from EPA & MSDS sheets)
IOW they are tear gas blanks.


So, these are tear gas blanks. I guess I may use them soon at my 15 wedding anniversary. What other purposes has it?


Vlad, Nobel must have repackaged these teargas rounds. Think the hds is Valor brand from Pobeda in Gorazde Yugoslavia.


Same type of muntion but different maker (?)