.22 Tracer Cartridge ICI Headstamp

Good morning,

I have recently come across several .22 calibre rimfire tracer cartridges. They have an ICI headstamp with a red painted tip on what looks like a a ‘normal’ lead bullet. The cartridges appear to have been produced in the 1950s or 60s in the UK.

Does anyone have any other specific information/reference about these cartridges? Thanks in advance

Matt Bolton.

British military .22 inch tracer was originally introduced to help train air gunners in WW2.

A modern version is still in use.

More details on my website here: sites.google.com/site/britmilam … fire-other



Thanks for the link, much appreciated

I remember seeing a few boxes of these issued in Israel. Stamped on the British label in Hebrew was “For Beretta Pistols Only”. Not sure what they were used for, but probably served some training function.

Thanks Jonny for the information, are these Israeli cartridges be the modern version still in use mentioned by TonyE??

The cartridges we have are the WWII examples.

Thanks, Matt.

Boxes were similar, with red printing, but not sure if the same.

The Israelis are known for using .22 long rifle, fired for example from Beretta pistols, for serious work.

True, which explains the label, but not the use of tracer rounds. That seems a bit odd.


In Israel, pistol doctrine is point-shooting at close range. I don’t believe .22 tracer rounds would be very much help in training. Well, possibly for some low-light training.