.22-What country

Can anyone tell me what country this is from? We believe it may be Israel?? It’s on a Winchester T-22 box.

I can’t believe I’m actually answering a .22 question, but yes, it is an Israeli box. The first 3 lines read:




Jon, Thanks for confirming our suspicions. I wasn’t sure because it looks like many of the Mid-Eastern country writings.

Well, written Hebrew is actually very distinct from any of the other Arabic-based Mideastern languages.

Ah, but not to an Americanized German like me. I was pretty sure that it wasn’t Japanese :) but was thinking it might be Canadian:)

Thanks for the help. I didn’t want to misplace the box on my website.

Nice website. Almost (just almost!) makes me think about collecting .22s.
I’m kicking myself now, but during a pistol training course in Israel I had a British Eley box of tracers, with lots of red printing, that said “FOR BERETTA PISTOLS ONLY” (in Hebrew, of course). I recall thinking “Neat”, as I emptied the box and threw it away.

I believe that I have your .22 box collection.

I was a little slow on that box. If I would have checked my own website I would have seen that very label on other similar boxes. Now, thanks to you, I know what they say on those over-labels.