22 win auto:a simple question

Has Remington ever made 22 Winchester auto ammunition?


Remington, I don’t know.

But they made them in Canada.


That’s because I have 2 22 win auto rounds,one headstamped “U” ( remington) and the other headstamped “H” ( winchester).The 2 are identical about dimensional data, but If remington never made 22 win auto the one with “U” headstamp could be a 22 remington auto cartridge


Pivi-The .22 Winchester Automatic Model 1903 cartridge was loaded by U.M.C. starting in 1904 and was made by Remington Arms Co., Inc. until 1980.

You can tell the .22 Win. Auto from the .22 Rem. Auto by measuring the head. The .22 Win. Auto is 0.310 inches (7.87 mm) and the .22 Rem. Auto is 0.290 inch (7.37 mm).


Maybe you can tell me -

Maybe I just haven’t paid that much attention but it seems to me that you will find 1 Remington Auto cartridge for every 10 Winchester Auto. Is there that much difference in the availibility? Does that make the Rem Auto more collectable? I’m not a rimfire collector but it’s always good to be armed with knowledge, just in case.


They were also made in Mexico for Dangerous Dave, the Old Western Scrounger in California. Headstamp is OWS

Ray–It is just a question of the production period. the .22 Rem. Auto was first listed in 1917 and discontinued in 1958.
Compared to the .22 Win. Auto years of production of 1904-1980 by Remington. I believe that Winchester produced the .22 Win. Auto for a few more years after Remington dropped it.

Rim diameter of my remington made .22 cartridge is .307" so no doubt it is a 22 winchester auto round.


The .22 Remington auto cartridge had a relatively brief production span because the only arm that used it, the Remington Model 16 rifle, was considerably less esteemed than the Winchester Model of 1903 and remained in production for only about a decade. The corrosive priming of the time likely finished off most of those Remingtons by the early 1930s. JG