22 Winchester punt gun



The ultimate French invention…a miniature Montigny Mitrailleuse in .22 RF.
" Canardiere" is obviously a reference to “Canard” (Duck) but a .22 RF would also have enough punch to down a Goose as well, and probably much more range (even if still a Black powder cartridge). I suppose the accuracy would be better than a mass load 4 gauge of shot.
I wonder if the barrels were truely parralel, or were they “splayed” slightly, to give a “pattern”?

One could easily build one of these (shock–horror!!) in the workshop, given a stack of old .22 RF barrels…Now I have a project for all those tomato-stakes I have under the workbench ( “destroyed” unlicensed .22 Rifles)…
( I’m in the Movie SFX industry, so I can do these things legit.)

regards, Doc AV
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jean-pierre - Any chance of a translation of the text?


Winchester seems to have nothing to do with the gun. The ammo offered for sale is Winchester brand.


The text says :

  • 24 riffled barrels chambered for the 22 or 5mm Winchester Rim Fire.
  • 3 firing pins knocking a plate with 8 points, in order of shooting 24 rounds at the same time.
  • Winchester ctges , caliber 22 or5 mm, special for this weapon : 5 F per hundred
  • “Fin de siecle” means : end of century

This advertising is coming from a catalogue dated 1890- 1900