І.220 Russian

Which is the meaning of the “І” letter before “.220” on this Tula made 5,6 x 39 mm?

I added the cartridge picture. Case is brass with lacquer covering its head only.

I = Inch???

I am only guessing but I bet the I is for International as in International Match cartridge. This fancy case with the year and Tula would suggest a match cartridge as it is out of the norm for their headstamping. But as I said, Just a guess.

I have been noticing lately a lot of Eastern European headstamps (Cyrillic-alphabet users) have part of the headstamp in the Cyrillic and part in the Western alphabets. The part using Latin characters is always, it seems, the caliber designation. Could this be because of any CIP requirement about how the caliber is to be marked on cartridges? I am starting to wonder about it since it does not seem haphazard, as I thought when I first mentioned it on this Forum.

Does anybody know for sure?

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John, I think the CIP would require latin script as for the manufacturer identification.
Anyone having details on this?

There is not a restriction on this. If Tula sponsored the event and made ammunition for sale which is often the case at matches (as long as all marked the same and marked with all info disclosed… it is ok), it would be marked with caliber, year etc… Also ammo left over is sold on then general market. This looks to be a 1994 Tula sponsored cartridge for a shooting event to me. Look for 1994 events in or around Russia may help.

Standard Tula boxes from this era are marked “Bars”, which is the Russian name for the snow leopard, and contains Berdan primed cartridges headstamped “triangle” 95, for example. This .220 cartridge was probably made for export because it has a Boxer primer and I believe that a possible explanation for the “I” is that it means “Irbis”, which is another name for snow leopard that is widely used in the rest of the world.