220 Swift (Super Speed ,22 inch) cartridge (drawing)

Found in the British Small Arms Committee Minutes (No 1654) dated April 1937 It records the receipt of 2 'Swift Super Speed .22 inch ammunition". The headstamp is noted as being “Super Speed 220 Swift”

This cartridge arrived quite quickly in the UK as the drawing is dated October 28th, 1936, the year after the cartridge reached the market in the US.

Happy collecting, Peter

Thank you Peter for that great drawing .

I will find it interesting to compare the cases made originally to those made today.


If this was done by the British Small Arms Committee, does that means that someone somewhere considered the idea of using it as a military round?

Not necessarily. The drawing is from the Research Department at Woolwich (See R.D. number) and part of their job was to examine any new developments that might be of interest to the military. In this case it was the performance of high velocity small bore bullets as at that date (1937) the SAC were busy looking at the possible calibre of the new infantry rifle and one of the calibres under consideration was .256 inch (others being .276, .303 and 7.92mm)

A considerable amount of design work was done on both ball and AP bullets in .256 calibre including various shapes of AP core including cupped cores.