220 Weatherby Rocket

Hello everyone and welcome back. I did a search in arcives about the 220 Weatherby Rocket cartridge and found some old posts however I couldnt find any photos though apparently there were some in the past. Whoever had a photo of the Weatherby round could you post another photo? Secondly does anyone know if there was an actual headstamp that said 220 Rocket? Also does anyone know what the original packaging looked like. Thanks in advance.


Try here for Rocket Pics.


Have never seen a .220 Rocket factory headstamp.


We had one several sales ago & it was pulled because it didn’t match the one in our reference collection (silly us). The owner then contacted The Weatherby Collectors Assoc. who verified his round (which was then sold) and we then learned there were, at minunum 5 guns, with 5 slightly different chambers for the Rocket. All variations were based on the fire formed Swift case (and so headstamped).

According to my sources the 220 Rocket was one of the very first of Weatherby’s designs and all where made from 220 swift cases. When Weatherby started to go commercial the 220 Rocket was not offered as such, so no WBY headstamp was made by Roy Weatherby’s company.