222 Rem by DWM

I seem to have misplaced an image of a “DWM G 222 REM G” headstamp.

Can anyone provide such an image or point me in the direction of someone who may have one.

Much appreciated.

I have codes “C”, “E”, “K” in two sizes of K), and “K DWM U”, if that will be of use?

Pete - I would like to see that “E E” and also the two sizes of “K”.

I think that “G G” must be scarce !

Much appreciated

Hi Brad
It seems I lied, the large KK is a K X, drat should have used a glass…

Anyhow here they are.

Hi Pete - don’t worry about it, those K X, K Y, K V are often hard to distinguish.

But that other “K K” one is new to me and all helps towards my new DWM date code theory.

Very Much appreciated … Brad