222 Remington information requested

In my youth I shot quite a lot of game with this caliber and have always had a soft spot for it, though I no longer even own a rifle of this caliber. While perusing through some old American Rifleman magazines, circa 1953, I saw an ad for a Savage rifle chambered for the 222 and 22 Hornet. The add was a high quality artist drawn ad, which pictured the rifle and a single round of both calibers. The 222 Remington round showed a cartridge that featured a long round nosed bullet. I am unaware of any such factory loading. Was there ever such a load, or was this just an artists unreal scribbling’s?

I have a copy of this ad and the cartridge is illustrated with a REM-UMC 222 REM headstamp, but in my opinion it looks like artistic licence and maybe it was made modifying a drawing of a different cartridge.

The longest projectile I ever used was 70gr round nose FMJ (instead of the normal 50-55gr), but I know of 100gr ULD RBBT “ultra low drag, rebated boat tail” hunting bullets that’s available for reloading. You won’t see the difference on loaded cartridges, as the longer projectiles will just have to be “seated” deeper into the shells, to fit in the magazine…
I agree with Fede - that looong .222 cartridges only existed in the artist’s imagination!