223 armour piercing

can you tell me more about this cartridge in 223?
I’m surprise by the form of the ball.
I have a friend who have a cartridge in 9 mm with a similar head ,but the marking are different.


thanks for infos it is the first time I saw this type of 223.
I think at the barrel of the rifle with striations of the bullet.
I don’t understand why they use this form ?

Here is a picture of the box.
The headstamp of the cartridge is T W 7 5
and the bottom of the cartridge is lacquered green



someone know why in 223 marking are TW and the year and in 9 mm para S&W and the year with the same producer ?

Samourai–American Ballistics used whatever CHEAP cases they could get. The headstamp has no meaning for their products and were often mixed in the same box.

thanks a lot for your explain at all.