223 Blank Or Short Range Question

Hi Fella’s,

 I've got another one.  Wish i knew how to post a picture.  My 223 round is headstamed FC at 12 o'clock,  89 at 6 o'clock, and a small letter b at 3 o'clock.

 The case is white opake plastic.  The head is non magnetic and apears to  be a shinie metal.  The bullet looks like it was molded in to halves and put together to form an oddly shaped triangle point.  I also wonder what the b at 3 o'clock stands for?

  Thanks in Advance,   joe


Just a SWAG but, Norwegian “Duckbill” Blank? If it is a “b” instead of a number it may mean “blank”? Base is aluminum, I think?


Hi Ray,

Thanks for your replay. It does look sorta like a duck bill from the side. That b could be a number 5 or 6. Do your think somebody in Norway made this round using FC cases? Take Care, jor

From Ron Fuch’s 5.56 listing, 2012: Headstamp “ FC b 89 “, manufactured for Federal by Bakelittfabrikken of Norway, July 1989, one lot of 5000 rounds. Aluminum case head, white plastic case. Box label:
5.56 BANK
LOT FC89L001S001


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