223 composite case

This is a composite case 223 .
Steel base, no hstp
Is it scarce or not ?
And value please.


I have no clue, but it is super cool JP! It looks like a mini tank bullet with a CCC.



Your composite .223, was a product of the Gulf-Western Company, circa late 1970’s. As for rarity and value, you do see them on occasions in the $25+
range. This is one that I would like to know more about.

thank you very much

What shoots that type of round? I wonder if it was made for a specific gun or can any .223 fire it? Probably not, ejection problems maybe?

This .223 composite is for standard chambering in most firearms. The only possible problem might be in the fluted chanbers such as are found on H&K models.

This form of warning is posted on NATEC boxes, an other maker of composite ammunition, it reads: “DO NOT FIRE THIS AMMUNITION IN FLUTED CHAMBERS”

I’ve fired about 100 rds of the NATEC ammo in a Mod.700 Remington, with no problems with extraction or ejection, just a few split cases.