223 flechette round question

Hi Fella’s,

i have a 223 Flechette round in my collection. I was told that it was a special purpose flecgette. Its case is brass. It has a green platic tip. No Headstamp and the ring crimped primer is black. I would like to know who made it and why no headstamp? Thanks in advance. joe


Need a photo.

The green tip is most likely a teflon puller.

Maybe one of the SPIW, FRP, or later flechettes?

Who told you it was special?



I suspect that you have a 5.6x44 XM216 round and not a 5.56x45. The blackened primer indicates a dummy load. It was probably made by Remington although Winchester did load it also. Off hand, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 5.56x45 flechette load without a headstamp as there was no shortage of current made cases.

Maybe the ‘Special’ is a reference to SPIW (Special Purpose Individual Weapon) program.

Compare and let us know…


Hi Ray and Paul,

Many Many Thanks For Your Replys.

Ray, I got it from a person named Bill at the last Ohio Cartridge Show and thats how he had it labeled. I will see him at the next Ohio show in October mention our findings to him. One day Ray i will be able to post pictyures. I am sure You could have ID this round in a New York Minute with a picture.

Paul, You hit a home run again. i measured the case and it is 44 mm. And, the primer and round look exactly like the round on the left side of you picture.

Dont We Have It Made With Out IAA Website! Take Care, joe


FYI, here’s one of my sectioned Flechettes. It’s an XM144 but the construction is the same.