223 I D Please


i have two 223 rounds in my collection that i beleive one is not identified correctly. The headstamp on both rounds is LC 69. They both have darkened brass cases and red painted tips. One round is ID’d as tracer and the other as proof. Any Help Out There? Thanks



The above link is a wonderful reference covering 5,56 / 223, and it’s a free download.


Joe, are these loaded with propellant? If not, your description conforms with a bullet-in-bore cartridge for testing M16A1 rifle barrels. These have no propellant and the bullet was left uncrimped or crimped to different pull specifications. After firing the bullet was lodged into the barrel and then a standard cartridge was fired to simulate a possible blowup.


Thanks Petedecoux, Thats a wonder link you sent me. As soon as i can get the kids to down load and show me how to get into it, i’ll be all set.

Thanks Fede for your info. i beleave its a loaded round. I’ll check the crimp and weight both rounds.

Many Thanks To You Fella’s, Take Care


Thanks Pete.

Updated my files.