223 or 5.56 headstamp?

Good evening. I’ve come across 2 cartridges that were in a loose box purchase. They are both lead tipped, but have evidence of blue paint being on the tip. The headstamp is simply “83”. Has anyone seen these before?

Yes, they are Israeli clandestine 5.56 subsonic rounds.
Any info on the box?

Unfortunately, they were just 2 loose rounds mixed in the box.

Your 2 answers are the only ones I’ve found on the net…must seriously be clandestine…😁 Thanks again!

Found it’s big brother tonight in the same box…no casing though, just the projectile. 179 grain, .308.

I don’t recall ever seeing a blue-tip 7.62 round. Perhaps NatoDave will weigh in?

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Jon, how about a .303 proj?

Hmmm… I don’t recall a .303 or 7.62x51, but there are some blue-tipped 7.62x39.
What is the exact diameter of the loose bullet?

"…but there are some blue-tipped 7.62x39"

This is what I had in mind! And they are SP too.

I have .309 and 1.194 long.