.223 Raufoss and APIT Cutaway?

First 2 pics are .223 Raufoss with sea green tip containing barium, titaninum, and zirconium sponge, burning at 5000 degrees. Next two are .223 APIT with silver over red tip. Both are from Northern Arizona Munitions (NAM), on commercial headstamps RP/223/rem and pmc/223/rem. wolfgang

Edited to make correction

Wolfgang, why do you think it is Raufoss?

As usual Wolf , great sections! When we sell projectiles to manufactures, we discourage naming cartridges loaded with our bullets “Raufoss” or “AP”. Some sellers continue to use these names however. The bullets shown sectioned are our “heavy .224” incendiary" & the 5.56mm Incendiary/tracer bullet. The M855 metal nose cone allows the tracer to be compacted without the fragile incendiary filled nose slipping into the ejection pin hole in the compaction die. The bullet is not an “AP bullet” as defined by US law. As small as these bullets are, they can give performance beyond what one can imagine. Thanks, JH

That raufoss one is referred to as “raufus” by the seller in the U.S. that sells it. It’s just an enhanced incendiary load, but it does pack a lot of sparks anyway.

Thanks haak48, bought these 3 years ago from a third party and just finally got around to cutting. Listed them as they did, even know it was wrong. Still very impressive at how you got all that stuff into the 5.56 incendiary/ tracer, that one is going into my favorites draw.