.223 rem from TZZ

This .223 rem round from TZZ has a non magnetic truncated projectile. Does anyone know anything about it’s use? It could be a frangible…?


This round look likes a special riot control round.

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short range training

It is a SR training round based on a French design, but it was used by Israel as an anti-riot round in the early 1990s.

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I heard that this was only used for “riot control” for a short period of time because it was discovered to be lethal at close range. Can you provide us with the whole story, as there seems to be a lot of misinformation floating around the 'net about what the loads are, who used them and in what capacity.


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They were a SR round that was issued to officers (only 6 rounds per platoon) who had received special instruction on how to use them non-lethally. Apparently they were not effective (or too effective) and removed from service.