223 rem LMTS

223 rem blank with on the headstamp “LMTS 03”. Is it used with the Laser Marksmanship Training System in the US Army?
Where was it made? Israel?

The LMTS h/s’ed blank is a product of the Beamhit Co, of Columbia, Maryland, for it’s Blazer ammo training programs. It is indeed used in the Laser Marksmanship Training System. If you measure the case length you will find it is only approximately 43mm in length, this is to prevent inserting a standard 45mm length round into the training device. A copy of the box label does look Israeli.

your are half right about the shorter case.
The shoulder in normal rounds is about 37mm. But the shoulder on the LMTS round is also 37 mm.
Triggered by your answer I found another blank in my drawer which has a shoulder of about 34 mm. This round is headstamped “BLASER” (12) “.223 SAFESHOT” (6).

I have a copy of the brochure of the LMTS, I can’t find anything about special barreled rifles.

Do you have (or someone else) more information on the use of the Blaser rounds?
This is the brochure:
LMTS brochure

Sorry for the delay in getting back, but it was Monday Night Football…

I went back and checked my samples and agree fully with you as to the length of the LMTS 03 round, it is full length at the shoulder. I also checked the Blazer .223 Softshot and again it matches your measurements.

If all goes well I’m going to attempt to contact Beamhit, at the address on the brochure. Maybe someone there will be willing to provide some info.


Sorry for the delay in making a reply to you on the question of the Blazer

I have sent an E-mail to Beamhit, requesting a contact who would be albe to provide info on the “LMTS” and “Softshot” blanks. It is still to early to see if any thing turns up, but there is always hope. On the Beamhit.com, wew site I did find a small reference to 5.56mm blanks, but no details at all.

I’ll keep trying and let you know what turns up.