.223 REM with BRG 223 h/s

Both the late Dave Hughes and later Ron Fuchs, in their listings of .223 / 5.56 head stamps, state that this h/s: BRG 223 was produced by Hirtenberger, Austria, for the Browning ammunition line.

I have contacted both the the Browning Collectors Association and the Browning archives in Morgan, Utah and neither party has any reference to production or sale of .223 REM

If any forum member can shed light on this matter, please do so at your convenience.


For what it’s worth, I have a 222 Rem Browning box but not a .223 Rem box by Browning.

The contents, like all other Browning ammunition I’ve seen has Browning completely spelled out in the headstamp. Some of the Browning product have Browning at 12:00 and some at 6:00 & I understand this differentiates between two different case makers / suppliers. (sorry I can’t say who they were, cuz I don’t know). At any rate these .222’s have Browning at 12 & the box says Made In USA, but the printed company address is; “Browning Utah - Montreal, P. Q. Canada”

hope this is of use.

Frank, I don’t have a picture of the box either, but this caliber was commercially offered by FN in Europe for several years. The earliest reference I have is a FN brochure dated October 4, 1973 and the latest is the Browning (FN) catalog of 1980. The only load available was a 55 gr FMJ.

It seems that this caliber was never offered by the American and Canadians branchs.



Excerpts from FN 1979 and Browning 1980 catalogs, respectively:

As always you have provided much needed information on either a cartridge, it’s maker or it’s history.
Thank you, your knowledge is fantastic