.223 Training Ammuntion, Purple Case and Bullet Tip


Like the .40 S&W purple training ammunition ( fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity … e&_cview=1 . On the right side of this page under the column titled " ALL FILES ", click on the line that says “223 Remington Traini” this takes you to the SOW (Statement of Work) PDF which provides details of, among other things, the packaging and marking details specified by the contract.


Winchester LE Training Ammunition 223 Remington 62 Grain Open Tip

Now available as 62 gr open tip with purple cartridge case- midwayusa.com/product/99224 … n-open-tip



NEAT, thanks Brian, have a box on order.
interesting SOW too.


Arrived this afternoon, couple of photos below.
Like the .40 S&W the coloring is uneven, sort of streaky on the body & the base varies in depth of color. Some heads are quite light & some much darker. None have tip color but the GM-jacketed bullet is secured with a serious 6-position segmented crimp
Headstamp is :
WIN 16

223 REM


The CIP ammunition test symbol is in the new format and shows the Liege proof house.


Very nteresting, would that mean that the Liege Proof House actually did the proof / pressure testing of these? Or that their methods / standards were used?

Seems very odd to me for a very large US ammunition company to proof ammunition, used as part of a US homeland training contract, to go overseas when they likely do it in-house every day.

But I’m probably not understanding something?


Olin probably got it’s 5.56 ammo CIP certified in general in case of any export to Europe (or in case another customer is requiring CIP standards for ordered ammo) and is applying the proof house mark now to all produced 5.56 cartridges.


Pete, it is a legal requirement to have the ammunition type approved by a CIP proofhouse. Otherwise it cannot be sold commercially in any CIP country. Basically the marking with the correct caliber, dimensions and maximum pressure are checked to be in accordance with CIP regulations.

Because the only one on the American continent is Santiago de Chile, the ammunition to be tested is usually sent to a proof house in Europe. I remember Winchester used the Munich proof house as long as there was an Olin sales office there. Olin as well as Federal have had many calibers approved by the Liege proof house in recent years. Currently Birmingham often does type approvals of U.S. ammunition, for example for Barnes Bullets.


Thank You, Gentlemen