.224 BOZ and .224 VOB

What is the BOZ and VOB standing for ?

VOB = Petr Voboril?

Yes, thats correct. Petr developped the small PDW-Type submachinegun, which was build only in Switzerland for trials and he used altered 7,62 Tokarev cases (old hs ringed out), which where necked and caseformed to the specific 5,7VOB-Form.

The significance of the letters BOZ for the .224 is not know, but its CASES only where produced FOR CDS Civil Defence SUPPLY
Welbourn-Lincoln LN5 ONJ, GB by the hungarian firm of Matrafem (MFS) in Sirok. They had only a very short live-span and have only be shown up on a few shooting events for military buyers…but had no success. Some Glock pistols where altered for the tests and some MP5.
A few barrels for the Glocks have shown up, recently


Do you know what headstamp did they used? MFS or something else?


At the moment there are 3 cartridges that I know of with a somewhat similar form: 224 BOZ, 224 VOB and 225 JAWS. The BOZ was made from a 10mm Auto, necked down to hold a 223 projectile, the VOB was made of a Tokarev necked down to hold also a 223. The 225 JAWS is a new development from Jordanian Armaments and Weapons Systems, Amman, Jordan. JAWS is working together on this project with Wildey Arms, USA.

left to right the 224 BOZ, 224 VOB, 225 JAWS (click to see a bigger image)

For the 224 VOB Martin Tuma, a Swiss engineer developed a pistol, the MTE .224. Martin Tuma is also responsible for the development of some Sphinx pistols and the ASAI OnePro, in the nineties. The ASAI pistols were sold by Caliber Prague under the brandname MTE. This MTE pistol was therefore also available in 9mm Luger, 10mm auto and .45 ACP.

the MTE .224 pistol

The .224 JAWS shown in the picture is NOT an original load. Its a makeup from cases available in the US. I knew the “maker”, he bought a lot of empty cases of all the different JAWS -Cases available.
This is the problem in our days now…
We had the case of a gun blown up, with one of a similar “makeup” cartridge as sometimes this “reloaders” using powder not suited for use in the specific ammo. As long this “ammo” is only collected, its not hurting people (except their pocketmoney), but in the very moment someone takes it for shooting tests, it can or will cause problems.


Is the .224 VOB still a live project? I’ve been considering putting an entry in Jane’s Ammunition Handbook on it, but I’m not sure of its status. I have also failed to find an example for my collection so far…

There used to be an entry in JAH for the .224 BOZ, but I dropped it as the project has faded away. I haven’t so far entered any of the JAWS Micro-Magnum line as they are too experimental, but I spoke to the Jordanians concerned at Eurosatory '06 and they have promised to keep me informed of developments.

I think the .224 VOB project isn’t alive anymore. Searching on the web finds no links to the cartridge, pistol, Petr Voboril, Martin Tuma and/or MTE (except waffenhq.de). I’ve got my round from the president of the Slovak collectors ass. and the other person I know who has some for trade is the little busy man from Switzerland (Dimi G.).
Dimi should have some with him on the intl. ECRA show in September 2007.

Thanks for that, I aim to be at the Dutch show as usual.

How can you tell the difference between an original JAWS and a “make up” JAWS ?

How can you tell the difference between an original JAWS and a “make up” JAWS ?

You have to knew the “originals”, otherwise you are lost.
I will not publish “rules” for improvements of the “reloader-scene” in our field.
All “empty” cases for the JAWS are to get in the US, and as I knew, how many where actually loaded, I would be suspect of anything here without a “BOX”…

Hello friend’s, thanks for lot of info. My friend in Norway did meet the maker/designer of .224 BOZ cartridge several year’s ago, my friend did ask him what the BOZ was standing for but he just give back a look at him and no answer, maybe he will keep that as a secret. Does anyone have a guess what it could be ?
British Overkill Zombie he he he.

We have also .224 J.R.S. made from a .45 acp case and .22 Reed Express made from Tokarev case.

BTW I have a spare one of .224 BOZ I would like to trade for a .224 VOB

Possible meanings for the “BOZ” in 224 BOZ (just my guesses, granted some of these are fairly rediculous):

  1. The inventor was a fan of former NFL player Brian Bosworth aka “The Boz”?

  2. The inventor was a fan of the British jazz musician Boz Burrell and his band “The Boz people”?

  3. The inventor is referring to the “Boz persona” which was Charles Dickens nickname for himself as he used to refer to himself as Moses, and then Boses, and then finally “Boz” after which he published a collection of essays titled “Sketches by Boz” in 1836?

  4. The inventor is referring to the Afghani game of Buzkashi (of Ghengis Khan fame), in which horsemen will ride about a huge field and attempt to steal a sand-filled dismembered calf which is called a “Boz”?

  5. Maybe referring to the African-related acronyms of “Bank of Zambia” or the 3-letter code for the Bozoum airport (Central African Republic)?

  6. “Bottleneck Operation Zebra”?

Anybody else?

Boz Scaggs must have been the inspiration…