.224 Boz Cartridge Question

I have a .224 Boz headstamped cartridge in my collection. Can anyone provide me with additional information about this cartridge? I picked up this cartridge at the 2009 SHOT show. I’ve been told it was an English submachine gun cartridge. Your input would be appreciated.

The info I have is:

Produced by Civil Defense Supply (CDS) of the U.K. and first shown at MILPOL in 1997, the .224 BOZ is a necked-down 10mm case made to accept a .22 caliber projectile.
Modified Glock 20’s (10mm) were first used with this cartridge, and they simply had to be rebarreled to accept the .224 BOZ. These were marketed to military and Law Enforcement in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, and did not secure any contracts of note. The BOZ is more of a hybrid in terms of joining a spitzer-tip military rifle bullet with a standard pistol-caliber casing and is intended to allow existing 10mm pistols to adapt to its use. Any 10mm pistol can accept a modified barrel to shoot the bullets, but these barrels are extremely hard to come by, and cartridge acquisition relies on the user being reloader-savvy due to ammunition being virtually unavailable to civilians in terms of factory loads. The projectile itself will usually be a typical 55gr lead core fmj spitzer-tip which will travel at around 2100fps, but 50gr steel core variants were loaded for a time by CDS, although these are virtually unheard of on the collector market anyway. Supposedly any typical .22 caliber projectile from 30gr to 60gr can be adapted to the BOZ, including tracers, and hollow points. The headstamp will typically be from a modified commercial 10mm case, as the original from CDS is quite rare in the U.S.; it would read: “CDS .224 BOZ”. CDS is no longer working on the BOZ and may not even be in business as of 2003. The BOZ did manage to inspire one other cartridge however; the .224 VOB, which is similar, but is built around a necked-down 7.62x25 case, and is somewhat similar to the .223 Timbs in this regard, but does not utilize a sabot for it’s .22 caliber projectile.

Bill Alexander is one of the patent holders for the cartridge. He is now better known for the .50 Beowulf and 6.5mm Grendel.

US Patent #6,293,203 - Firearms and ammunition

I spent some time talking to The Gun Room people at DSEi (thegunroomuk.com/) who (IIRC) had some involvement with the .224 Boz and may yet revive it.

I also discovered the answer to one of the Great Cartridge Nomenclature Mysteries - why it’s called “Boz”. It was the nickname of the guy who thought up the idea.