.224 Lee Tomic

I collect Wilbur Hauck single shot rifles and found one in Kansas that is chambered for .224 Lee Tomic. I suspected this was a idea from Thomas “Tackhole” Lee and all I can find is a mention of his cartridge development, the Lee Tomic. What is the round based on? I know someone on this forum has the answer.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Since I posted this I have found out the wildcat is based on the 257 Roberts.
Still don’t know the details, dimensions etc.

I can’t locate any 22 cal wildcat based on the 257 Roberts but the 224 Clark and the 22 - 257 Roberts

If left untrimmed your wildcat could be similar to one of those numbers. A chamber cast could help, since a large number of wildcats differ for marginal features but are basically the same case, only the name changes. Your case could have been fireformed to some improved configuration too

Also note that the 6 mm Remington case is very similar to the 257 Roberts, these ones differ for their bullet diam and shoulder angle, but a 22 wildcat based on the 257 Roberts could be made also reforming the 6 mm Remington. Several 22 versions of the 6 mm Remington exist

I have never heard the name “6 mm Lee Tomic”. Ray could know and it can be described in Ackley’s books but I suspect it is a number used by a so small number of shooters that could be almost impossible to find case dimensions or reloading data on books or websites.

Anyway a reloading die set can be machined out using a chamber cast by any custom die makers

Dave, there was a .224 wildcat developed by Thomas Kirkpatrick Lee and based on the .257 Roberts case but I think it is not the one you are looking for; it was the same as the well known .224 Senior Varminter developed by Jerry Gebby and according to one contemporary source: “Both Lee and Gebby are responsible for the Senior Varminter, although each gives the other the credit, and I cannot get a flat statement from either. I think it was Lee’s idea and they developed it together” (sic). The charges used by T. K. Lee were heavier, however.

Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately The rifle is in the hands of a dealer so a chamber cast is not practical. I have worked with loading for quite a few wildcats including 3 of my own but had never heard of this round and did not know what it was based on.
A fellow Wilbur Hauck collector contacted me and has in his possession a letter from T.K. Lee to “My friend Hauck,” it references a 22 cal wildcat of his design and the chambering of the barrel for Hauck. This may have been the same rifle. He only made 140 - 150 single shots(that were serial numbered). He was known to have sold barreled actions to other gunsmiths. Hauck produced single shot (actions of his patented design) rifles in the 50’s up to about 1970. Here in this area of NY; Schuylerville, NY and East Arlington, VT.
The highest serial # found is #143 but quite a number of un-serial numbered rifles have been found. This is one of them.
I am sure if the parent case is indeed the 257 Roberts it should be fairly simple to create some cartridges. From what little I can find Lee’s ‘Tomic’ cartridges were not limited to .22. Mostly small bore target/benchrest rounds. He was a benchrest shooter as well as a clay target buster(ATA hall of famer). I have a Unertl 1.5" target scope that has a Lee “tackhole” reticule.
This rifle is clearly marked “.224 Lee Tomic”.

Fede, The info regarding Jerry Gebby is an interesting connection as I’m sure you know, Gebby & Newton are synonymous with wildcatting . Particulary the 22-250.
I quess if I really want to know what this is, I’ll have to buy the rifle.
Thanks for all the input. If anyone should stumble across more info I would be most grateful.