224E2 SALVO or SCHV?

OK, what is it? Did a little more reading after Heavyiron’s questions about the Homologous and 224E2 rounds and found some discrepancy. Some say it is from SALVO and some from SCHV. “Assault Rifle” by Maxim Popenker and Anthony Williams lists the 224E2 along with the .22/30 (22-06), the 18, 22, 25 an 27 Homologous, 22 APG Carbine, 222 & 223 Remington, and the 25 Winchester FA T series as belonging to Project SALVO. But the book also lists many of these as part of SCHV. Question: Was SCHV part of SALVO maybe a sub program under the Project SALVO? Just a bit of random curiosity.

While we’re at it, were does SPIW fit in? A separate project or does it too fall under the umbrella of SALVO?

Any answers, random comments, further questions, discussion ect. would be appreciated…


I too would like to see someone straighten this mess out. Daniel Watters has done an excellant series of articles on a lot of this and I am still hoping he will check in and give us his insights. There is a good book about SPIW but even it unfortunately misses some of the cartridges. I am taking my unknown cartridges to CA to show Bill Woodin and the other big kids and maybe they will have some answers. VOL 3 of their book may explain a lot of it.


Ray–I can hardly wait for Vol. 3 to come out. I didn’t think it would ever happen, but apparently it is going to.

Whatever you do when you go to California, DON’T take any AP, Tracer or Incendiary with you. They won’t let you collect cartridges in jail.


Thanks for the reminder.

I’ve been warned about that several times already and I hope I remember to weed them out. If you don’t hear from me after the end of June I will be getting my mail at Folsom CA.


Aren’t flechette rounds also illegal in CA?


I need to find out about that too, now that you asked. A couple of my unidentified cartridges are flechettes and I was planning to take them to ID.

Anyone in CA have an answer??


Moving this back to the front of the queue. Perhaps some of those more knowledgeable about U.S. Military experimental rounds might be able to help?



I’m definitely NOT in the “more knowldgeable” category but that won’t keep me from having an opinion and expressing it freely.

I doubt if this mess will be cleared up soon, and maybe never. The reason, IMHO, is because many of the different programs overlapped, officially or unofficially, and a lot of the work by individuals was not documented, probably because it was never authorized. More than one GS worker was disciplined for overstepping their mission goals and objectives. For every one of them who was caught red-handed there were probably 10 who weren’t. Even some entire departments were obviously stretching their authority on some projects - such as the 224 Springfield Armory/Remington weapons and cartridges.

Anyway, FWIW, the unofficial broad system that I use in catalouging my own collection is thus:

SCHV = 22 Carbine, 22 Gustafson, 22APG, 222 Remington, 224 Winchester, 224 Springfield

SALVO = Homolouges, Multiple Bullet

SPIW = Serial Flechette Rifle (SFR), Serial Bullet Rifle (SBR)

To be sure, I have a lot of cartridges other than those listed that do not really fit anywhere but I place them where they seem appropriate for the time being. Some of them have been moved around, often.

Everyone is entitled to their own system but that’s mine.