224E2 Winchester


Here is how the HS and cartridge appear:

The label on the case reads:

WCC 58

Win 224 E2

This looks like a military experimental leading up to the 5.56 NATO? The primer annulus has red primer sealant and the bullet is a FMJ so I am assuming Western Cartridge Company made this for the military.

The measurements in inches are:

COL: 2.158
Bullet diam. above neck: 0.220
Neck diam: 0.248
Shoulder diam: 0.353
Base diam: 0.372
Rim diam: 0.373
Case length: 1.771

The above are the approximate dimensions of the 5.56 NATO but the overall length is less due to the shorter bullet that was used to experiment. Is this an early prototype of the 5.56 NATO?

Does anybody know any history on this cartridge and if they do what is it? Also any estimate as to value for my records would be great.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



The 224E1 (5.56x43mm) was original designed in 1957 for the Winchester Light Rifle, a proposed light select fire weapon that pre-dated the adoption of the M-16 rifle. In testing the E1 was found to have excessive chamber pressure in hot barrels so they developed the E2 with a 45mm case, the only differance between the rounds was the length of the case neck to avoid having to make lots of alterrations to the rifles. This way they only had to re-cut the chamber. Other than case length all other dimensions stayed the same including OAL. The rounds used a 52grain flat base bullet at 3280 FPS. If you go by dates, the 224E1 actually predates the 223 by about a year. Not sure what the value would be, but someone else should be able to help out with that.



The E2 is the most common in the series of cartridges that Winchester submitted in the trials. Value depends greatly on where and from who you obtain the specemin. They will go for anywhere from a couple of bucks to $20 or more per each.